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A secondary logo represents your primary logo, as far as, design + fonts (and things like that) BUT —

It’s a much simpler design and often times are easier to resize to better fit in specific places/areas.

Because as we all know sometimes the primary logo just doesn’t fit in the space that we’re trying to make it fit in, and although we love the design, if we had another version that was slightly condensed it’ll be 1000% better for certain situations = your secondary logo.

Secondary Logo

  • After Purchasing

    You will receive an email from, with a form that will include all of the necessary information I'll need to get started. You will have a 72 hour window to respond back to the confirmation email letting me know you received it or providing the information. If you do not respond back within that window, the service wil be CANCELLED and NO REFUND will be issued.

  • Turnaround Time

    Please allow 12-20 business days to recieve proofs and your finalized logo in color.

  • Logo Files

    All logo files are sent over as a .jpeg and .png

    You will receive those two files via email along with your pdf file.

    If you need other formats please let me know and we can arrange that.

  • What you will receive

    You will receive your logo file as a .jpeg and .png

    you will also receive a PDF file which will contain,

    - Logo Font Book (fonts used in the making of your logo)

    - Pantone’s (including CMYK/RGB/HEX codes)

    - Your Logo

    - Brand Story

    - Brand Inspiration Photos

    - Mock-ups

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